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6 Smart Tips To Increasing Conversion Rate [Increase Email Conversion]

If you are an affiliate marketer, an online marketer for yourself looking to make more money, this article is for you.

I will be sharing six tips that will help you in increasing conversion rate. Lots of people think email is not important but it is not true, people read emails to date. They click on links in email and make purchases. I am sure you’ve heard the saying that the money is on the list.

Yes! That’s true.

If you have an email list and grow your list you will make more money. But if you cannot write an email that converts you will not be able to achieve this. The biggest challenge is writing an email that converts so people will be triggered to click and take action.

When you are done with this article, you will start writing emails in a way that will provoke people to read through to the end and take action.

Do you want to make money with emails?

If yes, you are on the right track

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6 Smart Tips To Increasing Conversion Rate [Increase Email Conversion]

1, Understand your audience needs

Do you know your audience? Do you know what they want? Answering the following questions will help you understand your audience.

  • Who is going to be clicking from your email to the landing page?
  • Who is your ideal customer?
  • What will they feel when looking at the page?
  • What will drive them to fill a form?

Understanding your audience is the first step of marketing if you are looking at getting conversion at any point in time. You need to know what they want.

This will help you break even with them and what you should give to them at every point in time.

Email is about building relationships before expecting a conversion. Building relationships would only be successful if you understand the next person’s needs and how to solve their problems.

2, Show the value proposition and deliver

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What value do you have for your audience? How will you deliver what you have promised? For every relationship, there is always a promise.

Highlight your value proposition and deliver

In both your email and landing page copy you need to showcase your value proposition.

It’s essential to dig deeper and explore why your audience will believe your offer is worth submitting their information details.

You need to discover why people will opt-in to your email list and why they will also convert to buyers when they read your email. Never forget this!

3, Create captivating headlines that elicit emotion

This is one of the biggest problems people are having today and that is why most people have a very low open rate. This is a big problem when people do not even open your emails.

Imagine shooting an email and no one opens it that will be pathetic.

Emails and landing pages have one major thing in common. They both need successful headlines.

Headlines give subscribers the very first impression and this needs to be attention-grabbing to quickly sum up your value proposition.

If you follow this to craft your email headline to elicit their emotion, then you can captivate your audience to take the necessary action.

4, Tell a story

increasing conversion rate story

Storytelling is a magnetic technique in marketing today. adrianco kids storytelling into your email people will get engaged with your content and follow through to the end to take action.

Want to engage your readers? Open the email with a story.

Storytelling is a powerful marketing technique and that’s because a well-written narrative resonates with readers.

Who doesn’t like a good story?

5, Add trust signals


Imagine writing lots of emails but your audience does not trust you. Even though they read to the end they will not take action.

Remember that email has the primary focus of building relationships and in marketing, there is a KLT function. People need to know, like, and trust you before they can buy from you.

If you want good credibility with your subscribers, consider adding testimonials from satisfied customers. People trust what other people say you did for them, but will not trust what you say you can do for them.

Using trust signals within your emails and landing pages shows the lead that you are reliable which reassures their decisions to convert.

Testimonials are a good way to build social proof.

Once they trust you, they will definitely buy from you.

6, Make your email mobile friendly

This is where a lot of people miss out on.

I’ve got a series of emails from people who had a perfect view on the desktop but horrible on the mobile phone.

If your email is not mobile friendly you are losing a lot of money. over 53% of people read email via their mobile phones because we are all on mobile phones.

To overcome this, use email tools that will help you optimize and get mobile-friendly email content for your audience.

See this article >> Email automation tools

You can use Getresponse. Get response helps you optimize your email for desktop, tablet, and mobile. Anyone who opens your email from any of these devices will have it friendly and take action where required.

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6 Smart Tips To Increasing Conversion Rate [Increase Email Conversion]

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