Ready to master How to setup a 7- figure online business from scratch?

Hi I’m Franklin Emmanuel, I will coach you on how to build a successful 7-Figure Online Business even if you are a complete novice. So you can  ditch your 9-5 and live the life you really want😉

Not Just A ME Thing 😬

So I wanted to Ignore this section but seems like everyone is doing an about so I will write mine too..

That picture right there wasn’t meant to be there, still wondering why I put it actually. Anyway it’s an after picture of ME feeling bossy in them suit and acting so professional “**I am a professional actually 👨‍🏫**”

I have walked all around the internet space for 5years now🌐 “**Trust me, I’m a bag of brains yet to be fully unleashed**”, Not wandering but with FOCUS and DETERMINATION to make the most out of the simple tools and strategies I can use.


I have successfully done this for myself and helped 10,000 more “**seems like a whole lot but I want to do more, If you’d be one of US**”

Making money online is easy but you need 2 basic thing
The right Information so you don’t miss road
A Guide to help you navigate faster.

So you see it’s not hard afterall. But it requires WORK. I’m happy to guide you after that.


I am Only As Strong As What I have Mastered 💪

Digital Products Strategy

You want to create your own digital product? Be it an Online Course or Ebook or Productize your services.. Let’s map out systems that’d help you reach this goal of yours and get your products not just created but monetize them. Guess you never knew it was easy and

Affiliate marketing

How can you make money online when you don’t own even a pin? This is affiliate marketing and it has become the most sought after digital skill. I’d show you what it takes to DO and Make money via this medium in simple and easy step by step processes

Sales Funnels

The money is online.. YES!! But you can online make it if you have a perfect funnel behind the scene. No one talks about this but Imagine a human without a skeleton.. Impossible right? Now you get the point, this is actually the Key to maximizing your potentials online and making more sales.. hehehe

I Share My Expertise In Writing

Lead Generation tips, tricks, and best practices you can put into action.

best sales funnel builders

5 Best Sales Funnel Builders For Affiliate Marketers

Funnels are a crucial element in the affiliate marketing business that you can use to drive leads. Sales funnel builders are important to affiliate marketers. A funnel is a process from where people get to know you to where they get to buy from you. In the online space using sales funnel builders can help

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Lead Generation tips, tricks, and best practices you can put into action.

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