how I made my first dollar online

How I made My First Dollar Online [Struggles and Lessons]

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In this article today, I will be sharing with you some very little part of me, I have not spoken about. Honestly most times we skip the fact that success usually starts from 1. There is this quote I love so much and it says:

Focus on making $1, and then $10, and then $100, $1,000, $10,000 and so on

You get that right? Yea, I would be sharing with you how I made my first dollar online

To make this very explicit, I have divided this into 4 broad Keypoints and they include:

  • The Process
  • The Struggles
  • Tools I used
  • Lessons learned

I have broken this down into these categories so you can understand how it went down for me and how you can learn from my mistakes and get better results for yourself.

Go ahead and watch through this video where I explained succinctly my journey to my FIRST DOLLAR


I also love this piece from Orrin Woodward

Dollar bill: people spend their whole life seeking to earn it, but won’t spend 10 minutes seeking to learn it.

Check up the video training on youtube.

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