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How To Make Money Selling Ebook Daily-[Make Money With Ebooks]

Do you know you can make money selling ebook, at least N10K daily?

Ebooks are one of the simplest things to do in the information product category. If you master a few things and secrets in Ebook creation, you can make cool cash for yourself just by selling ebooks to fellow Nigerians.

Ebooks are information products, they are knowledge skills and expertise put together in a PDF format.

Read on if you want to lear how to make money with ebook

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How To Make Money Selling Ebook Daily – [Make Money With Ebooks]

Ebooks are electronic books that can be on electronic devices such as phones, laptops, and tablets. You can only access an ebook via an electronic device.

It is easier to sell books in e-format because we use our phones and electronic devices more these days. Our devices are closer to us than before. 

People have less attention to reading physical books. They prefer to read it on their phone on their mobile phone.

If you will be creating an ebook, the major content of your ebook will be your knowledge, expertise, and experiences. You’ll be sharing your knowledge and expertise to help others get better.

Once you figure out what you know and can teach people the next thing is to write them down in an ebook.

Pen them down in a document. You can use Google docs for this purpose. Map out everything you want to write in a way that people can actually read.

There are guidelines to follow if you will make money selling ebook.

1, Don’t be overwhelmed

Don’t be overwhelmed by many things you want to be in the ebook. You will be confused once you’re overwhelmed.

2, Choose a familiar topic

If you want your ebook to flow properly and become successful, then you should choose a topic that you are familiar with. This should be something you do on a daily basis and an expert with. You should have so much confidence around your chosen topic. 

This is very important.

3, Don’t get things complicated

Remember that if you want to give your ebook to someone else to read, they should be able to follow your process easily. The flow should be easy to understand.

The major reason people will buy your ebook is that they want to transform their lives. They believe that you will help them get results.

This means that whatever information you include in your ebook should be as easy to follow and flow along as A-B-C.

4, Create a professional layout/cover

I see most people write good ebooks but create very unprofessional cover designs for their ebook.

As much as I love simplicity, it is cool to do things professionally. Get a great and simple ebook cover.

Your ebook cover portrays the image of your ebook. If your book cover looks unprofessional, people will perceive your ebook as low quality.

Use Canva for this. Although, there are sites to create your eBook cover.

Read 5 Ebook Mockup Free Download Site

5, Proofread your ebook

Make sure there are no errors or grammar mistakes. 

Avoid any form of mistake as much as possible. 

You wouldn’t like your ebook to be seen with errors.

6, Figure out ways to put your ebook on the market

Here, you will need to find a parent portal or host for your ebook for sale.

You can go to Selar or Paystack to create a payment page for your ebook.

After this is done, you will need traffic from different sources like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube or run an advert.

One of the best ways is to create a sales funnel to nurture your audience and build relationships for your products.

I have a tutorial on funnel creation that will help you get this done.

Click HERE to watch 

If you want to make at least N10K per day with your ebook, this is the way to go

How To Make Money Selling Ebook Daily-[Make Money With Ebooks]

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