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How To Buy The Best Cheap Web Hosting and domain Free In Nigeria

Looking for the best cheap web hosting company? You may have come across a lot of web hosting company in nigeria, but you might not know which is the best cheap web hosting company.

In this article, you will get to know the best cheap web hosting company for your business in Nigeria. I will be sharing with you where you can get the cheapest domain and hosting.

As an entrepreneur, you know that if you want to set up structure and automate your business, you need to own a website.

Whether you are into online marketing, affiliate marketing, network marketing, or whatever form of online business that is generating you cash, you need to have a blog or website on the internet.

As a startup, I understand that you do not have all the funds to throw out there because there are a lot of things you have to buy for your business in the online space.

The best for you at this time is to startup with platforms that are cost effective. 

Of course, one of what you will need to startup is a domain and hosting plan. You need a cost effective domain and hosting plan.

how to buy the best cheap web hosting namecheap hosted


What Is The Cheapest Web Hosting Plan?

The cheapest and cost effective web hosting and domain on the internet is Namecheap

You must have heard of Namecheap before now. Maybe not! Well they are the cheapest at the moment. Not only that, they have the best of service amongst other web hosting and domain platforms out there.

I have used Namecheap for a while and I recommend them as a website not only to buy your website and hosting, but you can also get services and products that they have. 

It is just like an all in one space where you can actually get everything you need to set up your business online.

When it comes to your website, domain, hosting, custom email and lot more. Namecheap is the best.

Let’s see how you can take advantage of Namecheap for your own good. You can make purchases for your hosting and domain at a very cheap rate and make a lot from the internet. Yipee!

So let’s start with this.

How To Buy Namecheap Web Hosting and Domain

Step 1

Join Namecheap by clicking HERE to sign up. 

If you sign up HERE, you will get a 10% discount on all of your purchases on Namecheap platform.

Once you click HERE, it will take you to this page to sign up.

A great thing about Namecheap is that they are the cheapest domain and hosting service on the internet with the best of service.

There are some companies that actually offer cheaper prices but their services will get you completely exhausted and regretful. You would not want to do business with such companies. They can really get you frustrated.

how to buy the best cheap web hosting namecheap

Based on my personal experience, Namecheap has superb services and I have experienced peace of mind ever since I started using their service.

Their services include hosting; shared hosting, WordPress hosting, reseller hosting, vps, dedicated server and migration. They have full wordpress hosting, Email, App hosting, security; SSL, domain privacy, premium DNS, CDN, VPN, ID validation, 2FA and public DNS.

You can aswell transfer to Namecheap if you have been using another hosting service.

Trust me if you are starting up, you do not need all of those expensive hosting sites like Siteground, A2 hosting and the rest of them. You do not need to be on any of the expensive sites. You need to save up for other stuff you will need to buy on the online space. So Namecheap is here for you.

You can migrate to Namecheap HERE if you have been using expensive hosting companies and save up a lot for your business.

Step 2

Enter your choice of domain in the box

On the website home page you can scroll through to see all of their deals. They often have deals for different domains like .com domain, .net domain, .co domain, stellar, stellar plus hosting and .club domain at the time this article is written. 

Another cool thing about Namecheap. They often give deals from time to time within a year like; back to school deal, birthday deal and many more.

Aside from the cheap Namecheap plan, they also give massive discounts.

how to buy the best cheap web hosting search

Enter your choice of domain in the box and search to see if that name is available for you.

Let’s search for “” to see if it is available

Yup! It is available.

Namecheap searched the entire internet to find out if it is available. 

If it is available, your screen will look like this.

how to buy the best cheap web hosting namecheap available

If it has been taken, Namecheap will inform you to search for another one or you will have to use a different tld(top level domain) like .co, .net, .ng or any other.

The domain I used is available and I get 10% the cost per year. Instead of paying $8/year, you will pay $7/year.

Other website domains cost over $20/year.

Step 3

Now add to cart.

how to buy the best cheap web hosting namecheap

This is how your page will look like after adding to cart.

Step 4

Next, buy a hosting.

If you are buying a domain, you also need to buy the hosting.

The domain is the “address” while the hosting is the “land” you want to build the house.

In the hosting section, there are several hosting options.

Pick the “shared hosting” option as you are just starting up.

how to buy the best cheap web hosting namecheap hosting

You will see that you will pay $0.82/monthly for the first year. This is very cheap. Others charge as much between $3 – $4 monthly.

If you will be buying for two years, because there is a huge discount on the first year only, you will be paying $1.44/month. This is still way cheaper than other websites. 

Step 5

Click on “Get started”.

how to buy the best cheap web hosting namecheap getstarted

Connect your domain. Choose “New Domain” and “Already in Cart”.

how to buy the best cheap web hosting carted

You will have to pay $0.18 for the ICANN fee. ICANN is the body for the cooperation of domains that governs domain purchase in the world.

The total is $___ which is quite cheap.

Step 6

Click on “add to cart” 

how to buy the best cheap web hosting namecheap addcarted

You will be taken to the cart section.

how to buy the best cheap web hosting namecheap confirmorder

Scroll down and confirm your order.

Step 7

Create an account with Namecheap

how to buy the best cheap webhosting namecheap signup

Once you create your account, login and make payment using your card.

Although some Nigerian cards might not work. Just try out a few others and make payment for your domain and hosting.

What is Great About Namecheap?

Namecheap has great Live chat support.

Their Live chat is mind blowing.

This is the best part of everything you will enjoy on Namecheap.

After buying your domain and hosting, you will need to link your domain and hosting together then install WordPress.

You can simply start a Live chat with your support pin which you will get after creating an account and get it done for you by their support team without going through stress.

how to buy the best cheap web hosting livechat

People pay for this service but on Namecheap, you get this done for free and swift.

If at any point, you get stuck with some technical issues, you can also reach out to Live support.

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