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24 Digital Product Ideas You Can Sell and Make Money Online- Examples of Digital Products

Do you want to make more money online with just your laptop and internet and you’ve thought of examples of digital products? This article is the answer to all your questions on making money online by selling digital product.

I’m sure you have heard this before but you’ve been in doubt on how possible it is with just a laptop and access to the internet. It is the internet age, not just the internet age but the age of information. You should know that people are making millions from the internet.

Although you are aware of this, you don’t know how to even get started or maybe you have started something but you are struggling.

In this article I will share with you 24 product ideas that will help you scale in the online space. These digital products are high in demand and people will buy them.

You can start implementing any of these ideas from your bed at home or whenever you are provided you have a laptop, smartphone and access to the internet. The examples of digital product in this article has so many opportunities to help you make millions. The goal is to make money. 

examples of digital products to sell


There is so much information in the world these days but I have filtered 24 digital product ideas to help you make millions for yourself.

What are digital products?

Digital products are intangible asset or Media that can be distributed online without the need to source or manage physical inventory.

These products are often delivered in downloadable or stream-able formats such as PDFs, MP3, videos software or templates. Digital products can be said to be product on the air.

What Are The Benefits of Selling Digital Products?

There are seven main benefits of selling digital products. 

  1. Selling digital products saves time
  2. Saves money 
  3. It is scalable 
  4. High profit margin 
  5. Automation potentials 
  6. It is flexible 
  7. So much opportunity and selling digital products

Digital opportunities are so much possibilities. Imagine you create a product worth  N5000 and sell it to 200 people. You make N1M.

The the basic thing you need to do is to create a product, map out marketing process, get customers and close sales.

If you are looking for ways to make your first N1M from the internet, information products is what you can get started with

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What Are Examples of Digital Products?

There are various forms of digital products. Some examples of digital products are

  1. Audio
  2. Video
  3. Templates
  4. Software and many more…

24 Digital Product Ideas You Can Sell

1, Courses

This is basically creating a digital products out of what you know or your personal experience. You turn what you know into a course that people can learn from. They buy and you make a lot of money for yourself. You should sell courses on subjects which you have mastered.

examples of digital product coursess

2, Videos 

You can start creating videos. It is a form of digital products sold as a video. You can send a video of yourself giving out knowledge, an animated video,  how to videos and more. Generally you can sell a video related to what you know which will  help people solve their problem. If you want to sell a video, ensure you are giving value. Some people sell some of the content I give for free in my YouTube channel

3, Ebooks

I am sure in this year alone we’ve gotten over 5 books already. This shows the opportunity available in creating an Ebook around topics that are in demand. You can sell it and make a lot of money out of it.

examples of digital products ebooks

4, Written Template

Written templates in the form of script, resume, are also in demand. For example template on social media content creation, emails for affiliate marketing You can create templates like this  that has high demand and make a lot from it.

5 Checklist

Everyone wants to do the right thing to succeed. They need a guide they can always check to ensure they are on the right path. You can create a checklist for people to check while carrying out specific procedures. I once created a checklist on “50 things to check while doing SEO on your website”. People do not want to make mistakes, a checklist can help.

examples of digital products checklist

6, Spreadsheet 

You can create and sell Excel spreadsheet and spreadsheet templates. A spreadsheet template will help researchers speed up their analysis phase. Creating a spreadsheet will help simplify researchers’ process.

7, Photos

Photos can be taken and sold on stock photo sites. Sure you know about stock photo sites like Pexels, Shutterstock, Unsplash, Pixabay and many more. All of this site has photos that people have to pay for before they can download it.

You can leverage sites like this to take beautiful  images and sell them. The creators of these images are also being paid, you will get paid for selling your image on most of the sites.

8, Fonts

Sites like Linotype, Fontshop, Myfonts, sell various fonts to designers who are in need of different fonts for their styling and design. You can design fonts and sell them here.

examples of digital products fonts

9, Icons

Flaticons.com is a very good example. They sell phones to people who need several icons. A lot of people lately have been patronizing to get icons instead of spending time trying to design one. You can create icons and sell them on such websites.

10, Logo

Some logo designers sell logos. You can also design logo if you know how to do so and sell to businesses that need them. This is a digital product you can sell and make a lot of money from if you understand how to do it.

There are some software that helps automate the process in logo creation. You can use such software and easily create logos for sale.

11, Graphics design

Graphics is a service you can sell on freelancing platforms like fiverr, upwork, and other freelancing sites. You can switch it to a teaching product, market it and people will buy from you. 

12, Infographics

This is more like information on a tablet. It is information in a graphical form. You can prepare this, sell them and make a lot of money from digital products.

13, Illustrations

Do you know you can sell illustrations? You can prepare illustrations on different topics in your niche and sell them. Researchers who use illustrations to complete their work will buy from you.

14, Digital art 

Cartoons, for example, are a combination of digital arts. You can create digital art as parts  that will make up the cartoon. You can go ahead on this and make a lot from cartoonists and others who need digital art.

15, Animation

You can create and sell animation presets which you have put together. People will buy them and use them for educational purposes, commercial purposes for video content creation.

16, Graphic Templates 

You can create and sell graphic templates for people who do not want to start their design from scratch. They need a pattern to follow. You can design several graphic template patterns and sell to them. Envato is an example of sites that sell graphic template

17, Overlays 

You can also sell overlays on Envato. Creating and selling them is another digital product that can make you a lot of money.

18, Editing Preset

You can create and edit presets for images, videos and audio. You can sell them in Adobe, Photoshop, Lightroom. Create presets that people can actually buy and use it to edit their work faster.

19, Online Magazine 

If you are an online news site or blog you can create a daily magazine, compiling news together and people can pay for it.

If you are charging them $10 monthly and within a month, you sell the magazine online to read  1,000 people, you will make a total of $10,000 from your magazine product.

examples of digital products online magazine

20, Software and Online Tools

You can create software and online tools that can help people automate processes and make marketing better and easier for them. While they use your tools and software, they get to pay for it.

21, Membership Sites

You can have membership sites with subscription plans where people can subscribe to be part of the membership site. If you will get members to subscribe over and again to your membership site then you should ensure your membership sites provide value to members.

22, Audio

In audio digital products, you can sell music, samples, loops, podcasts and many more. If you have ever looked out for audio samples to embed in a video, you must have seen a few sites with audio samples, and music. People sell music a lot for others to use instead of creating one from scratch.

examples of digital products audio

If you are a music person, you can jump into this opportunity and make a lot of money for yourself.

23, Plan

or example 30-day social media plan. Social media managers sell planners to companies and businesses to make their work easy even business consultants and strategies can create a planner and sell to businesses who get to buy this planner.

24, Research, Statistics and Report

You can make research, create statistics and report on various topics or issue that are in demand according to the time and season. I remember buying statistics on how Nigerians use social media. I had a campaign I was running and I needed in-depth understanding, so I had to buy one. There are over a million people who want to get insight into statistics and report on various topics. They are ready to pay for it. Identify your niche and create statistics in that niche.

How Do You Start Your Digital Products Business?

Now that you have insight on the various ideas of information products you can create, you need to learn how to go about it. There should be a way to get started for yourself.

These are the steps to start and master how to create and sell digital products

Step 1

Choose your preferred niche

What is a niche? A niche is a segment of a market. Identify who will be your target audience

Step 2

Solve a problem with your information. 

Ask questions like; what problem can I solve with these products? Why am I creating this product? Once you’ve answered this, you can go to the next step.

Step 3

Create a simple website for sale page. You need a simple website where people will get to see more of what you do. A sales page and funnel which is a step by step process that get people to see your offer

Step 4

Create a sales page and funnel which is a step-by-step process that gets people to see your offer through a process till they buy from you.

Step 5

Drive traffic to your sales page

Once you have created your funnel, you need to drive traffic to your sales page. Traffic is the lifeblood of every business.

See this video for detailed process 

If you have followed up from step one to step five you will have a funnel like this

******Funnel image

The traffic source is by the left of the image. From there, they get into your email list for you to follow-up with them

At the same time they will be directed to go buy your digital products.

Know This

Creating digital products can take a lot of time and effort- in other words,

It will suck if you spent weeks creating the ‘perfect’ digital product only for it not to sell, right? 

Imagine you put in all to create a digital product and nobody buys it. There are people that create digital products  without making any sale. This should not happen to you. Because you have read through this article, I want to make you a millionaire in the next 30 days. I will walk you through how to plan, create, organize, generate traffic, and sell. 

In planning we are looking at identifying all of the ideas that you have which are sellable then validating them with the market. 

Then we will move over to creating and organizing your experiences into series of products that will sell in the market.

Finally we will sell. Here i will work you through how to get traffic, turn your traffic into leads, turn your leads into buying customers and customers into advocate for your digital product. Then, you will make a lot of money for yourself.

You will learn everything that you need to start selling online.

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Once you make payment you will join “The Class” and get started with something that will transform your life in the next few days.

Yes! We will be creating magic together.

I hope you learnt a lot from this article? Drop a comment in the comment section on what you have learnt and what you will do next

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