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15 Must-Have Free Tools Needed For Affiliate Marketing And Online Marketing

When you are starting out as an affiliate marketer or online marketer, you will need to learn affiliate marketing the hard way. But there are some tools needed for affiliate marketing that can make the process easier for you. These tools can help you create attractive landing pages, followed up on leads and much more.

If you want to be successful as an affiliate marketer, there are quite a number of free tools for affiliate marketing you should use to ease the process and get you highly converting traffic. The success of every affiliate marketer is in the number of product traffic they ca attract. Not to worry, a umber of tools can help you achieve this.

This article is all about the best 15 free tools needed for affiliate marketing that you can use right now to help you become a better affiliate marketer.


best tools needed for affiliate marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is basically selling someone else’s product to earn an amount of commission. You are not the creator or producer of this products but you earn through commission on sales you make.

Affiliate marketing involves the affiliate marketer, the merchant or product owner, and most time the affiliate platform. As an affiliate marketer, you take the product of merchant from an affiliate site to the faces of people who have a problem the product can solve while you earn a commission each time you make a sale.

You can earn upto 50% commission on a producct sale. That is if a product is worth N20,000, an affiliate marketer ca ear upto N10,000.

Affiliate marketers have the audience of the customers the merchant needs to make sales so they partner with the merchants to provide solution to the right people who are in need of a solution and earn in the process. Affiliate marketers are problem solvers.

Affiliate marking is one space that can help you make so much money for yourself in the online space.

There are various strategy and processes and tools that are used to make sales in affiliate marketing.

Best Free Tools Needed For Affiliate Marketing

These tools have been tested, implemented and trusted to work. To be successful as an online or affiliate marketer, you need to use these tools.

There are several tools out there for affiliate marketing which you might never use. The tools I have listed are some I have used and have proven to be very useful for affiliate marketing with massive result. I am sharing them with you so that you can use them and scale in your business.

I will divide these tools into two sections. The first section is for traffic; to help you get high quality traffic. The second is for conversion; to convert the traffic you get to paying customers who will buy over and again. Some are free while some are not.

As an affiliate marketer, you need to understand how to merge the tools that will get you traffic and those which will convert to make more sales and more money for yourself.


1, WhatsApp

best tools needed for affiliate marketing whatsapp

WhatsApp is one of those tools you have on your phone.

On WhatsApp you have a lot of contacts on your phone and people you’re already connected to. If you want to build an online business the first thing you should leverage on is your existing contacts. You can’t start up a business with total strangers without those in your contact list. You should leverage first on the existing contact you have.

WhatsApp give you access to those who already close to you. You can start marketing to does sets of people and make a number of sales. 

Interestingly, your first few sales will come from those who already know you. On WhatsApp you can use your WhatsApp status, DM, broadcast and groups. Using WhatsApp group you can bring people together please them how to go about certain things and sell product relevant to what you teach.

WhatsApp is a traffic tool. Although you can as well convert people on WhatsApp but basically you get a number of traffic on WhatsApp.


besr tools needed for affiliate marketing twitter

Twitter is another traffic tool. It is a social media tool where you can drop tweets for people to interact with.

It is more of a text-based social media site for people who are more comfortable writing text and sharing their knowledge. If you are more comfortable with text, you will love to use twitter.

On twitter, you will access a wide range of people. If you put out useful content on twitter, you will easily grow your audience and market to them. A lot of people make so much money by tweeting useful content that pulls people to like and follow you.

3, Instagram

best tools needed for affiliate marketing instagram

Instagram is a social media application you can also use to generate traffic, you can also close sales in the DM.

Instagram is more of video and picture based app that allows you to share more of images and videos. If you are not really a text person but prefer images and videos, you can go ahead creating videos and designing graphics to upload on Instagram.

You can communicate with your audience using photos and videos.

Instagram reels is a feature on Instagram that allows you to reach audience using short video clip of 30seconds. When people get to see your reel and are interested, they will follow you and send you a direct message where you get to share with them your product and earn a commission.

You can use a screen recorder to make short videos for your audience. See some screen recorders you can use HERE

4, TikTok

TikTok is another video based application. You can upload 15-60 seconds video. If your video is entertaining or educating enough, people will like and follow you.

You can also include a link to your website, blog or landing page in your bio section. That way, you get so much traffic from TikTok for affiliate marketing by uploading videos using music trends, effect trends, duet and several functions to attract your audience.

best tools needed for affiliate marketing tiktok

When using TikTok, you need to study and understand the type of video you can create, and how you can create it in such a way that it will attract people to you. 

Tiktok is trending and you can leverage on this space to get a lot of traffic for your business. 

Follow me on TikTok. Click HERE to follow me.

5, Website

When it comes to website, I recommend WordPress. WordPress is a very huge content management system that allows you to create your website and also create your blog.

If you are looking to scale in affiliate marketing, then you must have a website. This is where WordPress comes in. It makes it easier and simple to achieve this.

See this video on how you can create a WordPress website.

If you want to scale, you need a website to do so many things like; creating own your blog, create a funnel, run traffic ad through the website.

6, PrettyLinks

Prettylinks is a plugin for wordPress website. It helps to clock affiliate link. Affiliate links are often spams. It consist of several characters which are too long and they are always interpreted to be spams. You can use Prettylink to avoid looking like a spam.

To use Prettylink, you must have a website on WordPress and install this plugin on WordPress in other to generate Prettylinks for yourself.

7, Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is an SEO tool. If you will run a blog, you need SEO to make your content show up on search engines.

best tools needed for affiliate marketing ubersuggest

Ubersuggest helps with keyword research and content analysis, competition analysis, and many features for SEO. If you don’t optimize your keyword for search engine, you will never rank. If you don’t rank, no one will get to see you.

Imagine when you take out your time and and create an amazing blogpost and no one gets to see it or read it, you wouldn’t make any sales. You need to do your keyword research to understand what your audience are searching for, you create your content and rank in search engine. You can as well use Keysearch.

Ubersuggest allows only 3 keyword research daily for free.


Just like Ubersuggest, Keysearch is another tool for SEO.

You can perform bulk Keyword research in Keysearch. Using Keysearch, you can perform up to 10 keyword searches daily with certain limitations.

To perform as many search and analysis as possible, you will have to upgrade to the paid version at $17.

best tools neede for affiliate marketing keysearch

9, Rank Math

Rank math is an SEO plugin for WordPress that helps you to optimize your content.

It has series of sections where you can input your keyword and optimize the entire blog content for that particular content you want to optimize the blogpost for. Rank math allows you to do this.

Yoast SEO is an alternative to Rank math. You can use either of them to optimize your entire blog content and website.

10, Hemmingway Editor

tools needed for affiliate marketing hemmingway

Hemmingway Editor helps you simplify your writing. It makes your content more readable to your audience. It makes your writing bold and clear.

Most times we write but do not know that it is quite difficult to read. Sometimes, you might not use the right punctuation in your content which can actually make it difficult for you to read.

This tool shows you the mistakes and help you to edit the mistake. 


11, Whatsapp Bots

WhatsApp can be used for conversion as well. There are several WhatsApp bots that you can use to automate your messaging and convert from the traffic you generate using WhatsApp. 

Using WhatsApp, you can get over 200 messages daily. This might mean leaving every other thing you need to do to focus on WhatsApp messaging. It will be too many to respond daily but you can use WhatsApp bot to respond instantly. There will be certain string of messaging that will be sent to you. You can set up the bot to automate your responses that are frequent. 

Click HERE to download a bot to automate your WhatsApp messaging. 

See this video on how to send traffic to your WhatsApp, run ads on WhatsApp and close more sales.

12, GetResponse

GetResponse is an email autoresponder. GetResponse helps to automate email marketing. If you want to scale as an affiliate marketer, you need to adapt to automating processes. You should have several processes run without your involvement. Using GetResponse will help you to automate your email marketing very easily and swiftly without your involvement.

Whe people sign up to your subscriber list, they to receive an email. When a purchase is made, an email should be sent. Also there should be follow up emails daily. Without automation, this will take your time and require your attention. You can’t handle all of this easily but an email  autoresponder can do so at ease. All you need do is, set up responses for every trigger using an email autoresponder like GetResponse.

See this article >>>> How To Set Up Email Autoresponder On Getresponse

13, Facebook Chat Bot

This is another tool for conversion. If you use Facebook to get traffic, you will have a lot of messages to respond to. Hence you need Facebook Chat Bot to automate responses on frequent enquiries. Facebook Chat Bot works just like WhatsApp bots and email autoresponder. You should use Facebook Chatbot to drive sales, get more leads and also engage prospects. 

Because Facebook and Instagram is linked, it can also automate your Instagram messaging. Using Facebook Chatbot means more conversion both on Facebook and Instagram to make more money for yourself.

14, Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are a tool to get traffic and at the same time conversion. It helps you to speedily get traffic than organic marketing. If you create a very good system then you should be able to convert massively. 

See videos in my channel on create Facebook ads.

15, Funnels

As a website owner, it is important you know how to set up funnels. You should set up funnel where your audience can go through a process until they buy from you. The process start from seeing you from the very first time till they buy from you. 

Funnel is a about leading your audience through the KLT formula.

K– Know you

L– Like you

T– Trust you.

Your audience need to know, like and trust you before they can buy from you. Funnel leads them through this process.

15 Must-Have Free Tools Needed For Affiliate Marketing And Online Marketing

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