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WhatsApp Automation Hack To Skyrocket Your Marketing

WhatsApp is the most used application so far. Every business hungry for massive sales should apply WhatsApp automation to increase sales.

Think of a platform that has the highest number of usage then imagine how many transactions go through every day in every second.

Business owners and ordinary people are able to transact using this very simple platform so this brings us to the big question. 

How Do I Maximize Whatsapp For My Business?

I will expose you to strategies you can plug in and turn this simple app into a selling machine for your business.

Why use WhatsApp for your business?

Right off the bat, WhatsApp’s sheer audience size makes it appealing for marketers. 

This number has opened us to know that WhatsApp isn’t just for texting your coworkers or video chatting with your family in a different city. It can be used for maximizing your business, too.

People use WhatsApp for business or personal use because:

It’s free. The only charges you might get are data roaming charges.

It’s reliable. As long as you’re connected to wi-fi or have mobile data, you can use WhatsApp to communicate with users all over the world.

It’s widely available. There are WhatsApp users in 180 different countries.

It’s not just about texting. You can use WhatsApp for voice messages, calls, and video calls, as well as sharing photos, videos, documents, or your location.

Let me share some more real-time statistics

whatsapp automation hack stat1

whatsapp automation hack stat2

whatsapp automation hack3

These simple stats triggered something in me. 

If this were to be a location having this number of visits, I will quickly go and set up my shop there for business.

That’s what most of us will do, but why then do we stall when we see these same numbers in the online space.

Online is almost no different from offline asides it works on an electronic device and internet connection.

Those stats have shown Whatsapp is currently the most used platform Nationwide.

My thinking is  – OMO SEE MONEY ????

Because, the way I was thought, the more number of people you can reach the higher chances to make more sales for your business


Now I will walk you through building a campaign on WhatsApp

It all starts from the campaigns you build and to build a campaign you need a channel

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WhatsApp Automation Hack To Skyrocket Your Marketing

It might be a good idea for you to start planning a WhatsApp marketing campaign now.

Here’s why.

There is no barrier to entry on WhatsApp: all you need is a smartphone. And there is plenty you can do on it to market your business. 

For example, you can:

  • Use it as a messaging app to send event updates and exclusive offers.
  • Send multimedia content of your products and services
  • Use it to survey and get customer data.
  • Record your data and messages by backing them up to Google Drive.

Are you convinced yet? If so, one of the first things you need to do before you start building your marketing campaign on WhatsApp is to stop thinking of it as a messaging app. 

Think of it like any other marketing platform like Facebook, where you can post messages and statuses.

There are three main ways you can use it as part of an effective marketing strategy:

1, Broadcast Messages

whatsapp automation hack broadcast

Using the broadcast messaging feature, you can send a single message to multiple people on your contact list. Think of it as an SMS marketing campaign. However, WhatsApp currently only allows you to send 256 contacts per message.

2, WhatsApp Status

If you’re already using Instagram and Snapchat stories, you are probably familiar with how the status feature works in WhatsApp. 

Using it, you can post videos, images, and even text to engage your audience with your brand for 24 hours. After 24 hours, your stories delete themselves.

3, WhatsApp Groups

whatsapp automation hack group

Here you can get people into a group and share your information with them so they all can get the info at once.

You can use this for your business and get huge returns

Using these 3 features on WhatsApp I was able to generate Over N300K in one day

Exactly 3days ago from the day this article was published, so this is not an old gist. Most people connected with me, seeing my status, they saw how I started from Zero to N100K to N300K+ in one day selling on WhatsApp

In short, are you connected to me, and do you see my status?

If you are not seeing my status then it means we don’t have our contacts saved yet.

Do This

Save my contact as Franklin Emmanuel. DM me now to save my contact and send your full name so I can save yours too. Click HERE to save my contact.

Here is a sample of what we can achieve using those features to their fullest

Now that you know why you should use WhatsApp to market your leisure activity business, here are 10 tips and tricks on how you can effectively use it to reach your target audience.

9 tips and tricks on how you can effectively use WhatsApp Automation to reach your target audience

1, Create Broadcast Lists

You should create lists that are related to specific topics or audience segments. 

Once the lists are prepared you can send one-way communications that are specifically tailored to increase engagement, just like you do on Twitter.

You can include offers, links, or invitations in your messages. For example, if you are having an event or launch that will interest your audience, broadcast lists are the way to go.

Let’s assume you are a leisure and spa business. Then your audience will be interested in anniversary celebrations, summer and bank holidays. 

So you can use those opportunities to send them broadcast messages.


Not everyone likes broadcast, so please take their permission before adding them to a broadcast list

2, Use Group Chat

Group messages are shared with members of a group, and also include responses from group participants. 

That comes in handy when you need to conduct focus groups or market research before launching a product or service.

The group feature is also the best way for you to grant exclusivity to specific customer groups. 

It is also a way to encourage your customers to interact with one another and perhaps introduce other existing customers to try a new service or product that they’ve never tried before.

3, Offer Customer Service On WhatsApp

whatsapp automation hack customer service

Providing immediate customer service is a luxury for many small businesses, particularly leisure activity ones. 

However, WhatsApp can help you and your staff to answer and address customer queries quickly.

Also, remember that WhatsApp has a desktop application. So if you are using other customer support software on your desktop, you can easily merge the two and provide even faster customer service.

4, Get Feedback

Instead of calling customers for feedback, consider sending questions to your customer list via WhatsApp. 

Especially since the open rate for WhatsApp messages is 70 percent. It is marketing research at its optimum and it is also free.

When you receive the feedback, you can directly respond to their requests within the app and improve on the products or services that you offer.

whatsapp automation hack feedback

And don’t just stick to traditional questionnaires. Develop entertaining and creative ones that are both a reflection of your brand and also enable you to interact with your customers in a non-intrusive way.

5, Personalized Communication

If you’re doing WhatsApp marketing correctly, your groups will continue to grow. And as they grow, you can personalize your interaction with customers by directly communicating with them on the platform – one-on-one.

Send them DM directly and commend their status, comments, and contributions in the group. Doing so will make them grow intimately and become loyal to you and your brand.

6, Call Your Customers

In addition to interacting and marketing to your customers via messaging, you should directly engage with them via phone calls.

For example, when you get a customer request (perhaps someone is interested in talking to a salesperson or simply wants more information), you can respond right away, within the app, by calling them.

Most Jiji sellers use this a lot and it works for them following the huge requests they get

7, Use WhatsApp Statuses to Share Promotions and Flash Sales

The new WhatsApp Status Update feature enables you to widely share special promotional codes for customers to redeem at your business.

You can use the instant photo and location feature to distribute the promotion codes to let everyone in your groups know about the special promotions you are running.

8, Partner with Complementary Businesses and Influencers

whatsapp automation hack influencer

When you collaborate with businesses that offer complementary services or influencers in your space, you are increasing your audience and the number of WhatsApp groups you belong to. 

Give other people the chance to find you more.

9, Create Quality Content

Yes, even on WhatsApp. Just as quality content is important for your site, it is also important for messaging in WhatsApp.

In WhatsApp, your messages need to be short and powerful. But you don’t have to worry as much about the length as you do on Twitter, but every single word should count. 

Your style and word choices should resonate with your audience or you’ll risk seeing very little engagement. 

Keep it simple, engaging, and focus on the benefits for your customers.

Once you have known this then the next big thing is, HOW DO YOU REACH YOUR AUDIENCE ON WHATSAPP?

The first thing you need to start thinking of is how you and your business can fit into these conversations.

Maybe you need to customize and adapt your brand persona a bit or create a virtual person that is acting on behalf of your company. 

But whatever you do, since you’re trying to talk to your (potential) customers in a space they are used to informal conversations, you need to create an appealing brand persona for them to engage with.

Start Growing An Audience

Growing your audience on WhatsApp is where everything beautiful about selling on WhatsApp begins.

There are several strategies to achieve this but whichever route you take you to have to make sure that it is well thought and planned out.

For example:

You must have heard of WhatsApp TV, These guys have over 2K contacts database and some over 20k.

They made everything possible to grow themselves to a point where they can be the center of attraction on WhatsApp

So now they are influencers for people on their WhatsApp because they have the number

You’d realize now that numbers play a very big role in the number of sales you’d make daily.

“ The more you can reach more people the more sales you are open to getting on a daily basis”

So your goal should be thinking of how to connect with more people on WhatsApp and build more connections that will turn into your customers someday.

Know this –  Building your audience is one and then building the right audience is another thing

You would want to build the right audience always

How Do You Build The Right Audience?

1, Knowing Your Target Audience

Rule No. 1! Know Your Target audience 

Who is your ideal customer?

What are their goals? What are their Pain Points?

What do they value in a product or service like yours? Who makes the decision?

What do they value in a service like yours?

You can find out their pain points by creating a simple survey with questions like: “What [Insert your industry/ subject] challenge are you struggling with?

If you own a website as I do, you can set up a poll at hotjar.com with this question. You will see your website visitors pouring their frustrations and soul out to you. E.g What marketing challenges are you struggling with? What challenges are you struggling with when it comes to fashion? What legal challenges are you struggling with? For those of us that are lawyers.

If you don’t have a website, no problem. Go to your Facebook groups, WhatsApp groups, Linkedin groups, etc

Ask the same question and watch the answers roll in. You can also ask your customer or sales representative in the office to ask their customers directly. The reason for these questions is to help you craft stories with solutions that make people see you as an expert and the answer to their problems.

Write all these attributes down and weave them into your daily WhatsApp stories.

Once you know your target audience everything becomes easy.

You know how to communicate, who to communicate and when to communicate

2, Start Attracting Your Audience

Rule No 2! Start attracting YOUR AUDIENCE

How do you do that?

I advise you to leverage these strategies

A, Your friends and colleague

These are the easiest people to reach and you can use them to get more of your potential customers. You already have great relationships with this group of people. Whenever you need them for a task like this, they will gladly do. This medium will not cost you and just a simple message explaining what you want them to do is enough. 

You should write a short message including a CTA which you want them to post on their status, groups, or to their community.

B, Experts & Mentors In Your Niche

These people already have an audience and you can reach that audience, all you need to do is create an appealing offer and tell them to help you share it. 

Don’t be shy even if they’d say No, Most times, they will do it for you.

C, Whatsapp TVs

Like shared earlier, WhatsApp TV has huge numbers already, leverage on its numbers and grow your own database too.

Before you contact a WhatsApp TV for this purpose, do a check to ensure they post relevant posts and that they have your kind of audience.

Some WhatsApp TVs you leverage on are

  • OnlineBusiness TV (+2349154103154).  Click HERE to reach them directly on whatsapp.
  • BossEna TV. (+2347062351429)
  • LXG TV (+2348060279624)
  • Babaforas TV (+2348064189480)
  • Ancestor TV (+2349054945467)
D, Whatsapp Ads.

This you can run via Facebook using the strategy I shared here. It is not a difficult task. Just follow the steps in the video.

Next is to build an active WhatsApp contact database

Quick Hacks To Build your list of WhatsApp Status Viewers

First Hack: Ask people for their WhatsApp numbers at an offline event you attend. I do this a lot.

Each time I speak at events or attend any event where my target audience is, during the networking stage, I ask them one simple question as we exchange numbers…

I ask the question, “Are you on WhatsApp?

Yes? Great, give me your WhatsApp line and save my own number on yours as well.”

The strategy here is to build a list of people who are interested in what you will eventually sell to them in the future. Every business person’s nightmare is talking to the wrong crowd

Second Hack: Create a WhatsApp URL

You can create one like this: https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=2348139640226

https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=ENTER-YOUR-PHONE-NUMBER. Include your WhatsApp contact in the “ENTER-YOUR-PHONE-NUMBER” part of the link without including “+” before your number. Ensure to start with your country code. 

You can insert a call to action in your URL like the button below:

Third Hack: Promote Your WhatsApp URL: 

Here you can create a WA LINK customized URL for a specific purpose.

whatsapp automation hack

The aim here is to find a way to attract people who are interested in specific aspects of your business. 

Click HERE to create a WA LINK

Use the free link option

First, add your number then create a message that is specific to what you are selling

whatsapp automation hack createlink

You can generate a WA link for your message.

You can promote your link with your offer on WhatsApp and other channels I have listed above

Fourth Hack – Create a mini-course around what you sell or do and ask admins of a group that you teach it in the group

This will open you up to a new set of audience especially those that are interested in what you offer.

Now once you have mastered this 4hack to growing your contact base on WhatsApp the next thing is 

How Do You Nurture Them And Turn Them Into Paying Customers

The best way to nurture and turn them into paying customers is by using content.


People don’t want to be bugged and you don’t want to sound so salesy and desperate. The best place is your STATUS

What Content Should You Be Posting There?

  • How-to’s
  • Case Studies
  • Vlog
  • Memes
  • Customer Testimonials – FAQs
  • Quotes
  • Quizzes
  • Events Preview
  • “Day in the life of” post
  • Ebook preview
  • Invitation to join email newsletter.
  • Product Promo Announcement.

Please feel free to share funny videos and MEMEs you find on the internet that are related to your business. This helps a lot to balance your posts. So you don’t look like a too serious person.

Entertain them. That way, they will look forward to your posts. Share..

  • Share Videos
  • Pictures (Memes, Product images, Infographics) 
  • Gifs (I use this a lot to entertain my audience).

Once you have mastered this then the next thing is how do you apply this to get results and make more money?

Want to learn more on

  • Whatsapp Sales Funnel?
  • How to craft your offers on WhatsApp
  • Applying the KLT factor 
  • Sales triggers that work on WhatsApp
  • Whatsapp Automation

Click HERE to jump o the course

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