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10 Must-Have Tools For Affiliate Marketers Who Wants To Succeed

Are you an affiliate marketer?

These are most tools that you should be using as an affiliate marketer if you want to make a lot of money.

Here in this article, we will look at 10 must-have tools for affiliate marketers.

I made $10,000 in the past months using these tools. These tools will help you too.

These tools will help you automate things and make more money.

10 Must-Have Tools For Affiliate Marketers Who Wants To Succeed

1, WordPress

tools for affiliate marketers wordpress

WordPress powers your business strongly we can build your website landing pages sales pages and funnel word press is simply a content management system that helps to create a business structure and solidify your business from the web end of things

I have been using this simple tool to build all of my pages for my affiliate marketing business and will recommend it to anyone starting out with affiliate marketing or any business in the online space.

It will help you understand and create a structure for your business and make it look physical.

The website is like a physical store and this is where things happen. Your landing page is where people will buy your product or service.

2, WhatsApp

tools for affiliate marketers whatsapp

WhatsApp is a simple tool that we all have on our phones.

For me, there is no day in a year I do not open my WhatsApp. This is the same for many people. 

Most of us do not understand how to make money from using WhatsApp. Once you do, you will see how it turns from just a chatting app to a daily business driver.

I have shared in This Article how I earned N100K from WhatsApp in the week.

3, is a free tool. Although, there is a premium plan that allows you to create customized links to your WhatsApp with a specific message.

tools for affiliate marketers walink

You will fill in your phone number and create a custom message then hit the generate link button. When the link is created you can copy and share it on various platforms.

Whenever anyone clicks on the link a direct message will be included in their DM for them to send to you.

This tool is a business tool to get specific messages or inquiries for your product or service.

You might be getting a lot of leads asking for different things but might be able to segment them. helps you to do that effortlessly.

This tool also helps you implement automation on WhatsApp.

4, Autoresponder for WhatsApp

autoresponder is a simple application on your phone that you can use to create an auto-response on WhatsApp.

I do get over 1,000 messages on WhatsApp daily. I am human and I have a lot of things to do and can’t respond to all of these messages.

The simple thing I do is automate most of them. I create an autoresponder to respond to specific and similar string of messages without my attention

You cannot follow up with everything. You should relieve yourself of the stress by using a simple autoresponder.

Imagine you are having fun with a couple of friends and during this. People message you and the autoresponder does all the work while you are having fun. Isn’t that good enough?

5, Elementor

tools for affiliate marketers elementor

Elementor is a landing page builder.

Although WordPress can be used to build landing pages, you need a tool that will beautify and add some elements to the page you build.

See this article on how to build landing pages with >>

6, Prettylinks

tools for affiliate marketing prettylink

Prettylinks shortens all of my links. There are other links shorteners like Bitly, Tiny URL, Rebrandly, and many more

I use pretty links which shortens my URL using my domain name.

If I am an affiliate with a program and I want to shorten the long string of links I will simply use Prettylinks.

Prettylinks is a plug-in that you can install into your WordPress to shorten your links

When this is done, it will always start with your domain name like mine “”

7, WP Rocket

tools for affiliate marketers

WP Rocket is one of those tools that help clear cache and speed up websites.

As you use your website, there are lots of cache and different things that can slow your website down.

If you run a campaign to send traffic to your webpage, you will not want a slow website. WP Rocket helps optimize your website and tells you things you have to do; clear up and renew every page so that visitors can see the most updated pages.

8, Google docs

tools for affiliate marketers

Google docs is a very important tool. Every now and then you will have to type out something, drop your ideas. Map out your copy and a whole lot. 

Google docs are the best tool to serve this purpose.

9, Getresponse

tools for affiliate marketers getresponse

This is my email Guy! 

It automated all of my emails. If you have funnels and people sign up to your funnel, you need automation to keep the system running.

Getresponse automates email marketing and sends emails to new and existing email subscribers without my involvement.

10, Peppertype

tool for affiliate marketers peppertype

This tool uses deep learning to generate a series of text which is used as a copy for the purpose of sales. It is an AI tool.

Most of the copy it gives can be used on sales pages, emails, and many more.

A copy is sales in print, using a series of words to get people to buy a product or service from you. 

Peppertype is one tool that will help you generate copy easily.

These are 10 must-have tools for affiliate marketers.


There is one more thing I used that you need to know.

This is simply using the Pen and Paper

tools for affiliate marketers pan and paper

Every day, on my table I often have lots of A4 paper and about three pens. I use this tool to map out what I do and they work like magic. 

Sometimes I get an idea and write them down quickly on paper using my pen. I can open up my Google docs to type it but it’s not as fast as picking up your pen to write out the idea.

When mapping out my funnel for business processes, I prefer drawing it out on paper before pushing it online. It helps me to visualize what I will be creating. 

These tools have made me over $10,000 in affiliate marketing. You can also get the same results doing this. 

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