How can you make your brand / product Go Viral? Is it even possible?

Master the best digital strategies to employ in order to get your phones beeping with calls from your ideal prospects. If you have ever struggled with mapping out a step by step digital process for your business, then this is for you..


In today’s noisy digital world, it has become increasingly difficult to draw the attention of your idea customer. Branding and providing value, is more important than ever. However, how can you create a WOW factor which will make customers eager to work or purchase from you? 

In this class, I am going to provide you with a DIGITAL MARKETING STRATEGY so you can monetize your passion & stop wasting precious hours on social media. 

Meet Your instructor

Franklin Emmanuel is a certified digital marketing consultant and trainer in Nigeria who has led online marketing programs in Web Design, SEO, PPC Advertising, Online Marketing Campaigns & Strategy for B2B professional services companies.

With 4+ years of experience he has trained over two thousand (2000) persons and has actively been involved in the strategy and execution of digital marketing campaigns.

This class is designed to provide you the insight and skills you you need to transform your company into a digital leader capable of thriving in a market to achieve growth and high performance

If you follow these lessons and take action, I am confident you’ll start to see high-growth of your business. This method works for companies from start-ups, SMB’s and publicly traded companies. 

Here is what we will cover


Our world is becoming increasingly “digital”. This is creating a huge opportunity for any company who wishes to get ahead of the competition and become a leader.  In fact, successful leaders are already developing smart strategic digital initiatives to create value and gain a sustainable competitive advantage.

Do you want to develop your own Digital Strategy and become a Market Leader too? To do so, you need a comprehensive, digital marketing approach that works for you. This begins with auditing your current efforts, traditional and digital, and using the findings to discover what pieces are working, what pieces are missing and if you’re heading towards success. There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to your digital marketing efforts. Rather, your strategy should be a compilation of different tactics served at the right time to the right audience.

During this course, we will explain how to use our methodology to define and implement the right Digital Strategy to reach the key business objectives defined.   


Ready to align your goals and scale up your business with a well structured digital strategy mapped out for you?